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Program: "A Gullah Kinfolk Wish: Freedom Comin'"
Episode(s):A Gullah Kinfolk Wish: Freedom Comin'
Production Date(s):2007
Synopsis:A Gullah Kinfolk Wish: Freedom Coming is an entertaining, musical performance by Anita Singleton-Prather and her singing group the Gullah Kinfolk from Beaufort, South Carolina. The show opens with a beautiful version of Amazing Grace by Deacon Frazier, the famed boxer’s bother. The scene is a Sea Island slave cabin where enslaved Africans are anticipating Christmas day and talking about freedom. Gullah songs and storytelling include everything from spirituals, work songs (sometimes referred to secret code songs), and play songs to rhythmic, foot stomping ring shout songs that are unique to the Gullah praise house traditions. Freedom Coming is a significant performance that shares the Sea Island Gullah tradition with audiences in a new way.
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