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Program: "Yoga In Practice: Fearlessly Open Your Heart"
Episode(s):Fearlessly Open Your Heart
Production Date(s):2017
Synopsis:Season 1: Episode 4. The French word for heart, Coeur, is the root for the English word courage. When we practice courageously and focus on expanding our hearts, we leave class less fearful and hopefully more loving. Physically, we can experience this opening of the heart by aligning our shoulders and engaging our upper backs, which together, expands the chest. In this class we will concentrate on poses that integrate the upper body, front & back...plank, yoga push-up, and cobra. You will need two blocks. Executive Producer: Stacey Millner-Collins; Producer: Betsy Newman; Director: Steve Folks; Production Manager: Renee Layson; Executive-in-Charge: Amy Shumaker; Opening titles by David Johnson. Support for the series is provided by the ETV Endowment of SC, Inc.
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