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Program: "Hilton Head Island: A Television History"
Episode(s):Hilton Head Island: A Television History
Production Date(s):1996
Synopsis:Learn the history of beautiful Hilton Head Island, in South Carolina.
Episode 1: The Indians and the Europeans covers the island's formation, early Colvis visitors, Indian Pottery and crafts, the rise and fall of Santa Elena, and the French and English exploration of the area.
Episode 2: The Planters and the Civil War begins with the settlement of Hilton Head Island. This program sets the stage for the war and deals in detail with the Battle of Port Royal and the subsequent Union occupation of the island.
Episode 3: The Gullahs in Slavery and Freedom follows the trade of slaves from Africa to coastal South Carolina. It looks at the effects of the Battle of Port Royal on slaves and examines the formation and development of Gullah culture in the Sea Islands.
Episode 4: The Modern Era covers the late-19th and 20th centuries. Included is the tragic hurricane of 1883, the steam cannon and Camp MacDougal, the hunting era, and the development and construction of the first bridge to the mainland.
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