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Program: "Yoga In Practice: Steadiness and Freedom"
Episode(s):Steadiness and Freedom
Production Date(s):2017
Synopsis:Season 1: Episode 5. Everything in life pulses in a pattern of dualities…birth & death, day & night, yes & no. On our yoga mats the primary relationship we work with is between contraction and expansion. In poses, we contract muscles to find steadiness while simultaneously expanding through our bones to experience freedom. Understanding this pulsation within our body helps manage the inevitable ups & downs of life. Today’s class will explore this connection in Triangle Pose. Executive Producer: Stacey Millner-Collins; Producer: Betsy Newman; Director: Steve Folks; Production Manager: Renee Layson; Executive-in-Charge: Amy Shumaker; Opening titles by David Johnson. Support for the series is provided by the ETV Endowment of SC, Inc.
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